Thursday, October 11, 2012

These Bastards Think We Are Stupid About Libya

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  1. Obama's motivation? Look at the writing on his ring, the ring they kidded him about in college before he was ever married, the ring that was placed on his finger again at that wedding, the ring with the first phrase from the muslim 'declaration of belief', I guess, "there is no god but allah" written on it.
    He will cover for them to his last dying breath, because anything other than that would secure him a place in whatever hell they believe in, whatever end there is for turncoats or traitors.
    As for the attacks in Benghazi, when I found out that the embassy in Vienna got a $100,000+ vehicle charging station for their "fleet of Chevy Volts", while the State Dept. refused every request for more manpower to Libya, and even went so far as to withdraw a DC 3, an old 2 engine prop plane for the rapid reaction forces to use to get around the country.
    Accept the viewpoint that he may well be trying to undermine everything America has ever stood for, in a mistaken belief that we are in part responsible for the ills his father suffered, and then every action of his, every executive order, every snubbed emissary from a friendly country, every skipped meeting, every ally who has had to leave the White House by the damned kitchen door, all of it starts to make sense.