Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Election Roundtable: If It's Never Too Early to Defend America, Why Is the Media Attacking Romney?

Election Roundtable: If It's Never Too Early to Defend America, Why Is the Media Attacking Romney?

LIVE NOW: Akin and Mccaskill Debate

LIVE NOW: Akin and Mccaskill Debate

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

China Warns World War III Being Planned To Oust Obama


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Glenn Beck on Libya U.S. Consulate Attack: ‘You’re Being Set Up, America’

Full Story from The Blaze

Glenn Beck on Libya U.S. Consulate Attack: ‘You’re Being Set Up, America’

Full Story from The Blaze

Video mash-up of 'You didn't build that' and M.C. Hammer hit goes viral

Because we all have so much extra free time

NBC News: Obama Lied about Middle East Attacks

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ron Paul: Fed’s QE3 ‘detachment from reality’

Ron Paul: Fed’s QE3 ‘detachment from reality’

We’re in Deep Trouble if these Survey Numbers are True

We’re in Deep Trouble if these Survey Numbers are True

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Check out the Trailer for Last Ounce of Courage

Last Ounce of Courage screenwriter and co-director Darrel Campbell summed up what he hoped to accomplish with this film by saying, "I believe in this country, I believe in the people, I believe in freedom, I believe in my church, my religion, my faith. This country is based on faith, family and freedom, and that's what the movie is about. … It is very rare for faith-based film to be about our country and our people. This is really a movie about all of us."

Mitt is back in the Lead

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports™

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Plea to anyone planning on voting for Barack Obama in November. Please Read #p2

For Bill Clinton to say the economy couldn't be fixed in 4 years is simply untrue. Not only has Barack not fixed the economy, but he has made it worse. Every move he has made has put up road blocks to economic growth mainly by creating unnecessary regulations. The man Barack put in charge of writing regulations in Cass Sunstien. This man believes that you can control behavior through regulations. Sure, Gun control is not popular in this country, but through regulations, you make guns and ammo more expensive, thus less people buy guns and ammo and the end result is Gun Control through behavioral manipulation and not legislation. Cass wrote a book called 'Nudge'. I recommend anyone who plans on voting for Barack to read. Sure, Cass is no longer part of Barack's administration, however, that doesn't mean he no longer has influence. Cass is a brilliant man, who has very bad intentions for America. He wants to limit freedom and do it without the public knowing. This is Obama's strategy. Never in the history of this country has an administration created more onerous regulations that put up road blocks to economic growth. Barack does have a dream, a dream that limits the United States influence in the world and removes our super power status. Never in the history of the world has a single country done more for the expansion of Freedom of Liberty at home and abroad than the United States and now we have a President who wants to put an end to it or at best, limit it. If you plan on voting for Obama, please check out Cass's book 'Nudge', Read Obama's Book 'Dreams from my Father' and go see 2016 in theaters. After all this you still wish to vote for Obama, go ahead because you will have shown to agree with his Agenda. I think that if you do, you will find that Obama is not only bad for America; he is bad for the rest of the world.

As far as correcting the economy in 4 years, did you know that in 1920 we had a far deeper depression than in 1929? Well, we did, but it is not spoken of much because it only lasted 7 months. The reason, Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan's favorite president, came into office and cut Government spending and taxes by 50%. I know that isn't possible in today's American, but rolling back regulations, not adding more and significantly cutting taxes for ALL Americans would do a lot to bring us out of this slump and create millions of jobs. The Democrats want you to believe that cutting taxes adds to the debt and deficit, but that simply is not true. Think of it along the lines of Black Friday. On Black Friday, retailers run insane deals on merchandise in their stores to attract millions of customers to buy gifts for family, friends, and yes, themselves. The retailers know that they will lose revenue on each purchase, but the number of purchases will be so large that in the end, they will have increased revenue. This is similar to the tax cutting philosophy. The Government will receive less revenue per tax payer; however, Businesses and corporations will have flexibility to hire more employees, thus creating more tax payers. Marco Rubio said it best, we don’t need more taxes, we need more tax payers. On the contrary, raising taxes stifles economic growth and weakens the country. By the way, when taxes are raised on small businesses and corporations, who do you think pays them. It’s the lower and middle class consumers who do. So for Obama to say he won’t raise taxes on the middle class may be technically true, but the prices of necessity items you pay with every paycheck will end up costing you more. When you cut taxes for all, corporations and small businesses have the ability to not only hire, but also lower prices on their goods and services which ends up being a double bonus for the lower and middle class consumer. They keep more of their hard earned money and the cost of the things they purchase are lower so the individual has more money to either save or spend on themselves or their family. A good argument can be made that high tax rates are immoral for it is not the Government’s money, it is your money. The Democrats over the years have done a masterful job of framing the issue of taxation and demonizing the rich and corporations. One thing that is undeniably true is that there is no middle class without and a strong and prosperous Upper class, for they are the job creators, the builders, and the providers of services that we need for a strong and prosperous country. The American Dream is for each and every one of us in the Lower and Middle Class who has an idea, to be able to sell and market that idea and maybe someday ourselves be part of the upper class.

In Conclusion, I hope I’ve at least made a case for you to at take a closer look at Barack Obama and see for yourself what his dream for America truly is. I think you will find that when Mitt Romney said that Barack Obama doesn’t understand America, you will agree with him. When the election comes and you’ve decided that you don’t like either candidate, simply stay home. Then when the next election cycle comes, research those candidates running and get behind and support the ones you think will make America a stronger country. We all think it is funny when Jay Leno takes to the streets and asks simple question of everyday folks about public figures and they have no idea who he is talking about, but that kind of ignorance is not good for the long term survival of our Great Nation. Each and every American has the responsibility of getting involved in the political process and educating themselves on policies and policy makers so we don’t allow power hungry politicians from both parties to slowly take away the Freedoms and Liberties that our Founders and our Military continue to fight and die for us to enjoy every day. I truly believe that on the issue of Freedom, a large majority of Americans would do anything to protect it, and I believe we have a president and a political party that is trying to erode our liberties in the name of Change. Please do your research. America doesn’t ask much from you, the least you can do for America is understand the candidate’s true positions so that when you make your decision on November 6th, you can honestly say that you’ve done what you think is best for America’s Future and the Future of your children and Grandchildren.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Please leave comments and links and or questions to either add or dispute any of the information I’ve mentioned above. If we all band together, we can once again make America the greatest nation in the World as it is what created to be.

Friday, September 7, 2012



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