Monday, November 5, 2012

Romney Beats Obama...

PJTV: Hair of the Dog: Pundits Push Team Obama In Final Sunday Shows Bef...

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: David Axelrod in 1995: Cut Funding to Big Bird; NRA Res...

PLEASE WATCH BEFORE YOU VOTE : Thomas Peterffy - Freedom To Succeed

PJTV: Rallying the Base: Obama Visits Abortion Clinics, Welfare Offices ...

PJTV -- PJ Pop Quiz: Election 2012 Edition

PJTV-- Driving the Bailout Message: The Truth Behind the Auto Rescue

PJTV -- Stealing the Election: Will Voter Fraud Be at an All-Time High?

Strong America

Sandy Victims Beg For Help

WEBCAST: Train Versus Tanker

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan rally in West Chester, Ohio

Rudy Giuliani Slams Obama for the Deaths of Four Americans in Benghazi -...

PJTV: The Military-Bashing Left Is Back & Hollywood Narcissism Trumps Po...

PJTV: Kruiser Control: Bronco Bama & Mitt Romney Make a Young Girl Cry

NewsBusted 11/02/12

Biden: "There's Never Been A Day In The Last Four Years I've Been Proud ...

"We are not suppresing the vote we are suppresing voter fraud"

The Divider in chief Says Voting Is The Best Revenge

PJTV Election Roundtable: Will Hurricane Sandy's Impact Be Felt at the P...

CANCEL THE NYC MARATHON, it's the right thing to do...

4 MORE DAY - Full Mitt Romney Speech from Wisconsin


U.S. Senator Pat Roberts "On the Record" to talk Benghazi

John Merline "Obamanomics: Fact and Fiction"

WATCH: Sean Hannity interviews Bill Cunningham on the State of the race in Ohio

Thursday, November 1, 2012

NewsBusted 11/02/12

New timeline of Benghazi attack

Uploaded videos (playlist)

Part 2 - Uncle Tom's Cabin Audiobook by Harriet Beecher Stowe (Chs 8-11)

Part 1 - Uncle Tom's Cabin Audiobook by Harriet Beecher Stowe (Chs 1-7)

Real Change

Forced Carpooling CAUSES Gridlock in NYC...

Clinton In OH: "I'm Honored To Be Here In Pennsylvania" (Worried?)

Iowa Newspapers Agree

PJTV: Electoral College Predictions: What Will the Final Numbers Be?